Are you in the mood to try something new? Tired of eating out at the same places with typical pub fare or looking for a cool spot to entertain visiting guests wanting the full Nashville experience?  Well, we have the spot for you!!

Two Ten Jack has become a staple in the greater Nashville area. Located on the “east side”, tucked away in the corner of a very popular strip off Eastland Ave with other well-known eateries and shops, Two Ten Jack is, unquestionably, a restaurant that deserves a pin on your map.

This Japanese-inspired restaurant, with a chic and modern flare, serves up the trending kodawari ramen, Japanese small plates, sushi, and deliciously prepared and thought out craft-cocktails, like the “Green Dragon”, with gyokuro green tea shochu, that’s distilled from Japanese barley and made from rice and green tea. Their tap selection is on point with creative cocktails, local beer, wine, AND sake options to choose from!

Two Ten Jack has been producing high quality food since it’s opening almost four years ago. Their concept, under the restaurant group Seed Hospitality, is focused on committing to providing the perfect neighborhood Japanese restaurants.

Chef/partner Jessica Benefield, has won the highly acclaimed Nashville Scene Iron Fork competition, not once, but twice! The second award was received this year, 2017, where, to celebrate its 10th year, the contest consisted of previous winners competing against each other, making the award an exceptionally big deal!   Trey Burnette, who’s talent has circulated extensively throughout the hospitality industry, is co-chef AND husband of Ms. Benefield. The duo reflects the epitome of a “solid relationship” working side-by-side, focusing on their craft and producing vibrant and unique dishes that are “easy on the eye”. ?

If you are thinking about stopping in to pick up some delectable ramen to take home to mom, well, think again. To preserve the quality of the food and to give you the essence of ramen as it should be experienced, take home leftovers and to-go orders are not available.  This just provides you an opportunity to get out into the thriving city of Nashville and the culinary world that is exploding and be the cool kid on the block. Show your friends and family your refined tastes and offer them a ramen experience to remember! If you can’t bring the ramen to mom, bring mom to the ramen!

New to town and looking for other locals to share the experience with? Check out Nashville Locals, and we will take you on the Nashville ride of your life! Our next upcoming event will feature a Happy Hour meet at Two Ten Jack. Sign up and get your taste of ramen today!