We all know how stressful days can get. Sometimes it just feels like 24 hours isn’t enough. The holidays are approaching, projects are coming due, the kids are getting restless, and the laundry is still being stubborn and not washing itself. Regardless of what the problem may be, there is always someone there that can help. These heroes exist all around us, you just need to know where to look. Luckily for you, today Nashville Locals is going to save you that extra step and bring you that much closer to finding peace during the holidays.

Some of you may not be aware, but we have a real-life hero right here in the greater Nashville area. Julie Hullett Concierge, has been providing personal concierge services locally since October 2011. Her first client was a long-time friend and former teacher, Colleen Whitver.

For six years, Julie’s company has been offering services including lifestyle management, travel services, shopping and event management, just to name a few. Julie Hullett is the right-hand woman, that brings joy and peace, takes over the stressful tasks, and gives you time to share the holidays with your loved ones.

Julie is a glimmering example of the thriving success stories Nashville has provided over the years within our growing economy. We wanted to learn first-hand how she was able to accomplish her goals, so we went straight to the source!

Julie had enjoyed a corporate career, but was inspired by her love of working with people in a more personal capacity to begin her own business. Offering personal concierge services allows her to do that and more in a flourishing Nashville entrepreneurial market. Julie is able to grow her business and help others achieve success in her extensive network to which she says, “I am fortunate to know many supportive business owners and just good people willing to help others achieve success.”

When asked what her top 3 tips for running a successful business were, Julie gave us a sneak peek into her steps to success:

  • Follow up – Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your clients. Make sure you have asked all the questions.
  • Take notes – Make sure you have facts to review later for ongoing client discussions.
  • Say thank you – Such a small thing, but people forget. When you are providing a service, say thank you for the opportunity to do so. When someone sends you a referral, say thank you for your confidence in me. When you get up in the morning and have the opportunity to do what you love, say thank you.


Any advice to other business connoisseurs who are interested in starting a local business?

“Keep Networking!  When I started my business, I read a Nashville job seeker’s blog who said during his search he scheduled five networking coffees a week. This put him in contact with five people who could help widen his search. I applied this same approach and scheduled five coffees with people I respected. I asked them all the same questions: “If you had a business like mine, who would you want to connect with? Who would have good ideas about how to grow and develop your business?” I still meet with people and ask those same questions. There is always another perspective, and it nearly always leads me to another approach to my services.

Within the Nashville business community, I have seen a spirit of collaboration where most business owners are willing to share information, lead by example, and offer mentorship. When you connect with them, they connect you with a great network of people and other resources.”


These inspiring words, have set the tone for Julie Hullett Services, who will help you get your time back, and have a stress-free holiday season. With all the extra time you will have to spare, heed Julie’s advice and get out there and network! Not sure where to start, let Nashville Locals lend a hand and help point you in the right direction. Who knew the holidays could feel like a vacation?! ?