When you think of networking, you may think of strategy, goals, business cards, and elevator speeches. You may sweat a little thinking of an evening of introductions, small talk, and business development.

But, did you know networking should be FUN?!

Get the party started with these tips on how to make most of your networking efforts:

  • Volunteer. Take your attendance to the next level and volunteer to work the event. Helping with name tags or raffles can help you to meet everyone in a low-pressure situation. Also, as part of the event, you may feel a leg up on attendees and, likewise, they may gravitate to you as a person of interest.
  • Be choosy. Specifically, choose FUN events. There are many options for networking events and you can spice things up a bit by attending an industry-specific conference, happy hour meeting, or community fundraiser.
  • Use a little detective work. If an event has an online invite, you can likely see a list of confirmed attendees. Use your best snooping skills to investigate fellow guests. Where do they work? What is their position? What are their personal interests or hobbies? Find a way to connect with the people your business would be most likely to benefit from.
  • Be curious. People can sense your mood, so instead of giving off an anxious, need-to-network-now vibe, be open and curious. Ask questions about their interests and “what’s keeping you busy these days?” Simply being open to conversation and willing to get to know someone will foster an environment to connect.

Regardless of how long or how often you network, your strategy and success can benefit from making it fun! For more tips on how to make networking less scary, check out the full article here: https://www.themuse.com/advice/21-ways-to-make-networking-less-scary-and-more-fun

Interested in attending a FUN networking event? Check out our Nashville Locals calendar and join us at the next Happy Hour!